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Unlimited Hitters: hitters who meet the following criteria are free from the usage rule and there are no limits on the number of PAs they can accrue during a season.

a. They must have 50 or more MLB PAs
b. Their balance rating must be 2L, 1L, E, 1R or 2R
c. Their OPS must be .550 or less.

Unlimited Players for 1984:

Jim Anderson
Doug Baker
Buddy Biancalana
Bob Boone
Glenn Brummer
Rick Cerone
Darnell Coles
Butch Davis
Doug Flynn
Kiko Garcia
Alfredo Griffin
Terry Harper
Ron Jackson
Houston Jimenez
Duane Kuiper
Johnnie Lemaster
Jerry Martin
Otis Nixon
Jose Oquendo
Junior Ortiz
Mario Ramirez
Andre Robertson
Lenn Sakata
Angel Salazar
Dick Schofield
Joel Skinner
Chris Speier
Gorman Thomas
Tom Veryzer