Universus II features Luke Vibert + Jimmy Edgar Collaboration

Circuitree Records (Miami) is back with another compilation, this being the second volume in their 4-part Universus Series.

Universus Vol. II serves up some Florida talent alongside international producers Ak Kids, and yes, a collaboration between Warp alumni Luke Vibert and Jimmy Edgar. The compilation comes out on September 24th, but you can get some early sample action:

Stream Luke Vibert / Jimmy Edgar collab, “Disco”:

Universus Vol. II
Release Date: September 24th, 2011

1. Sleepover – JP’s Glasso Remix
2. Panther God – Brokknee
3. RBTS WIN – Pom Pom Girls
4. Miranda Rae ft. Peripheral – White Noise
5. Ak Kids – Albino Egg
6. TFPP – I Want To Smoke Your Hair (Miracle Cat Rmx)
7. Luke Vibert / Jimmy Edgar – Disco (bonus track)


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