Two Door Cinema Club is Back (as Headliners) – New Tunes?

Last year they nearly stole the show from headliners Tokyo Police Club. This time, following a whirlwind year of pop star limelight, the (bigger, Ritz) stage is all theirs.

I’ll admit it – the first time I heard Two Door Cinema Club, I instantly forgot about it after the barely three minutes of indie pop fun were over. The next time I heard them was thirty minutes later. Then again thirty minutes after that. This was in 2009 and I (embarrassingly) worked under the Gap Umbrella at a clothing store whose particular brand of sunny attire called for upbeat music videos on loop all day. Two Door Cinema Club’s casually catchy tune “Something Good Can Work” did blend in with the rest of the obscure indie pop/ electrojazz/ whatever, but not for long. Inevitably, as with most of the songs off Tourist History, the infectious melodies and staccato bursts of glossy sunshine had me dancing around clothing racks, twirling the fitting room keys at my side.

They’ve been on my radar ever since, an empowering go-to for encouraging anthems and hopeful yet slightly awkward dance jams. The bright choruses and punchy guitars sound like blissful summer nights with tinges of nervous excitement about the upcoming fall. The formula is simple: start strong, wander toward frantic, bounce back to harmonic safety, crescendo into a crash of release and wrap up on the upbeat.

And it is exactly this that makes Two Door Cinema Club such a great sleeper band; the simplicity is so intelligently crafted that even though the songs might seem mindless at first, they aren’t vapid or empty at all. The sound might not be anything new, but the solid construction under the shy but clean vocals is presented with such honesty that it becomes instantly accessible and familiar without being stale.

And if you have a pulse, Two Door Cinema Club will make you dance. That’s why I’m so stoked to see them at the Ritz on June 6th – I’ve recently graduated from “fitting room bopper” while mastering “the dog walker,” the “filing cabinet” and the elusive “telephone operator” so I’m eager to try out my new moves. I expect “Undercover Martyn” and “What You Know” to get the crowd jumping and jiving (or whatever the kids are doing these days, I don’t know, I’m not very hip). Two Door Cinema Club recently announced on Twitter that they are close to to wrapping up their second studio album, so I am drooling over the chance to hear new material.

Beyond that, the lyrics are pretty killer, which comes as a relief to me amid a sea of “purposely vague to be misunderstood” bands out there. That’s precisely what cemented Two Door Cinema Club in my heart and iPod back in 2009. When I heard Alex Trimble sing “Let’s get this started girl/We’re moving up, we’re moving up/It’s been a lot to change/But you will always get what you want…” for the 37,493rd time, something clicked and I just got it. So I quit my Gap Umbrella job working for the patriotic bird because it was my birthday and I had better things to do. And I despise “destroyed” denim anyway.


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