Rap on This: GRANT Serves Up Beat Tape Vol. 1

Update: Should be noted that GRANT calls for rappers (to use his beats) on his Bandcamp (hence K-Pryde intro)


So you think you can rap? You probably can if success is measured by people’s curiosity.

Few would have guessed Kitty Pryde could rap (jury’s still out) before the high schooling white chick did her best Kreayshawn, becoming a Tumblr-wave sensation with her EP haha i’m sorry [sic] + bubble gum videos (and note: In 2012, Tumblr popularity can tumble into legitimate mainstream media attention).

The Beat Tape

GRANT, who is in fact younger than Kitty, fits into the picture as the producer of “Give Me Scabies” from Kitty’s EP – lovely. Perhaps overshadowed by the rapidly growing success of labelmate, xxyyxx, GRANT appears poised to grab some limelight. Aside from the good karma buzzing around him, Beat Tape Vol. 1 measures out some big beats to go with well-screwed samples of anonymous jazz/funk/who-knows. Check it:


“Ecstasy”, as well as the rest Beat Tape Vol. 1, is available for free download over on GRANT’s Bandcamp. If your computer has a mic on it and you can ride a beat, freestyle your favorite Livejournal sentiments and you might just wake up to 10,000 internet friends.


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  1. July 8, 2012

    shouts out this insulting review of kitty pryde… wait a minute

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