Man Man Brings the Kooky to the Crowbar

Once upon a time I was drunk at a Yogurtology. I must have added nearly every topping to my bowl of froyo and ended up with a sticky mess of all of the things. It was disgusting. While I like them individually (marshmallows, pecans, berries, pretzel bits, etc,) mixing them all together was a gross misappropriation.

Man Man is the opposite of that. Take solid instrumentation. Add more instruments. Make the vocals strong. Interject deep and sometimes morbid lyrics that really tell a story. More instruments. Pull from different genres like doo-wop and acid rock. Add bold and brazen experimental pop. Pour in moments of Samuel Beckett style absurdity. More instruments. And then a sousaphone. Make percussion instruments out of anything laying around. Layer it together. Top with mustaches, cut-off shorts and war paint.

It’s delicious. Man Man puts on a killer show that bursts with texture. Sometimes it sounds like sandpaper and sometimes it feels like velvet, but it always hits the spot. And luckily for you, you can experience it Tuesday at the Crowbar. You will most likely need to floss afterward.


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