haha i’m sorry (The Arrival of Kitty Pryde)

In last week’s article I got carried away with some dismissive acknowledgement of Kitty Pryde’s growing popularity. In reality, I like her EP. Part of me wants to tell you “how could I possibly identify with a teenage girl’s giggly lyrics about her boyfriend (and/or whatever)?”. Not sarcastic–really, how could I? But that would accidentally imply that I can identify with Waka Flocka Flame or something. Ultimately rapping has everything to do with the flow and the moment, and Kitty doesn’t miss a beat.

What makes Kitty’s songs intriguing is the contrast of big, Dirty South style beats sprinkled with delicate, coy lyrics from a girl whose Bandcamp is littered with pink ponies and shit – she knows her angle but still keeps it real. “I’m not mean but you’re whack” – “OK Cupid” captures it perfectly:

That track was produced by Beautiful Lou (who’s produced for A$AP Rocky and the Based God, among others). While we’re talking about quirky personas and gonzo rap, let’s segue into Riff Raff. An internet phenomenon all his own, Kitty collaborated with him on “Orion’s Belt”. Try not to be fascinated by the video for “Orion’s Belt” (in which Kitty and Riff Raff trade equally idiosyncratic lines):

One last note regarding some ruffled feathers from the last article–we’re nice. Really. Nikki’s nice, I’ll tell you that much. I think we trashed (an intolerable) Xiu Xiu album once and perhaps even questioned Skrillex‘s haircut, but we’re usually just on the hunt for FL music action we can get behind, and hopefully, entertain readers in the process.

Now get out to Kitty’s show…


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