Hop Stoopid by Lagunitas


On a recent trip to Northern California, on a beautiful cloudless August day, something fortuitous happened. A small pit stop from Highway 101 would turn out to be one of the most glorious moments of my beer-loving career… for what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a modest little sign acknowledging the presence of Lagunitas Brewing Company, in a non-descript industrial park. After a peek around the corner of the building, we soon found out that yes, it was THAT Lagunitas Brewing Company… the men and women responsible for single-handedly crushing any reason to ever drink shitty beer again. The laid back staff opened their arms to my family and I, and showed us around the bar that they were building on their ‘campus’, one that I sorely wished would have opened two weeks sooner. Regardless, on that August day, I got to see the birthplace of some of my favorite beers. But there was one thing that I expected to see that I did not. There weren’t five-hundred foot high piles of hops lying around, surrounded by chirping birds, rays of sunlight, and scantily clad women playing medieval instruments. So, I was left to wonder… how do they get Hop Stoopid (and many other of their fine brews) so stinkin hoppy? Maybe it’s a scientific proprietary sleight of hand. Maybe it’s straight up black magic. Maybe they made Hop Stoopid just for themselves; finally, a beer that all the fine folks up in Petaluma could imbibe in secrecy while the fearful masses cowered at the sheer cajones it took to put this much hops in a beverage. But ultimately it doesn’t fucking matter how they do it. Time and time again, Lagunitas saves us hopheads from settling on a beer that just isn’t tasty enough. Isn’t bitter enough. Isn’t drunkifying enough. And for that, I am writing this glorious review.You don’t even need to get Hop Stoopid in your mouth to know its game. The scent of fresh hops comes pounding out of the bottle at you like it’s Dwight Freeney and your tackle just fell on his ass. The rich malt coloration belies the overall hoppiness… I could make a list of the types of hops involved in the production of this beer, but you don’t have eleventy billion hours and I know you’re already thinking about surfing over to Facebook. Bear with me. Just like this article, I guarantee you the 22 generous ounces will be gone before you know it. And you’ll be feeling all sparkly inside. I must give a caveat, though… if you do not like hops, or ‘bitter beer’, then this beer is absolutely not for you. You will probably take one sip and then make a whole scene out of how gross you think it is. For the rest of us that enjoy this type of flavor, it is everything you expected and more, but you may want a palate cleanser at its conclusion.

8% ABV. 22 ounce Bomber. $7-9


Aaron is a Water Resources Engineer in Orlando Florida. He's not sure what that is either.

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  1. January 18, 2010

    I’m going to ask for this by Name next time I go to the local microbrewery distributor.