Brasky Presents: Florida Indoors, Vol 1: Bedroom Beats is proud to present Bedroom Beats, the first installment of Florida Indoors, a free compilation series setting out to showcase creative electronic music around Florida. Our inaugural mix proudly serves up 19 tracks from artists living in or originating from Florida. Some of these tracks are being released for the first time. Headlining the compilation are nationally recognized artists Machinedrum (originally from Orlando area) and MillionYoung, Miami’s chillwave maven.

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For the last 9 months we have been working with artists and labels with the aim of properly representing the beats scene around Florida. We organized the compilation into 3 “sides” that we hope conjure images and feelings tied to life in Florida:


SIDE A (Morning of the Launch)
1. A Scissors – Approaching Sunlight
2. Chromatic Flights – Direct to Whatever
3. Shamantis – Sky Lotus Blossom
4. Dark Sea of Awareness – Surround
5. Diamond Man – Wafers
6. Alien House – Sifter/Water Moccasin

SIDE B (90 in December, 1993)
7. Machinedrum – 911
8. MillionYoung – Forerunner
9. Navigateur – River of Light
10. Sumsun – Wind Stone
11. Luminary Youth – Darjeeling Temptress
12. C85 – Love Takes Time
13. Panther God – Foliage (ft. Miranda Rae)
14. Off Balance Atlas – Blue (One for Joni)

SIDE C (Tropical Disturbance)
15. Kalx – Jack Richter
16. Sea Things – I’m Real
17. Xanadu Kudzu – The Part Where You Run Away
18. Young Egypt – Faraday Cage
19. MissingNo. – IDX

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I am the creator of Tampa is my hometown, where I attended USF and met most of the current collaborators on the site. Brasky is a project with friends - my day job is working professionally as a digital marketing consultant. Not as cool.

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