Blind Horse Falls into Pool

Horse neighs itself hoarse until discovered by home owner.

MERRITT ISLAND — A blind horse wandered into a swimming pool after escaping from its stable on Friday. Whooaa Nelly!

This horse can’t see shit.

The horse was discovered by homeowner Stephanie Wittman, who, coincidentally, is also blind. Well no, but that would be pretty funny?

Animal enforcement officers managed to get the horse out of the pool by luring it to the shallow end. No word on how the blind horse was lured, but carrots on sticks come to mind. Here’s an actual picture:

The horse, whose muscular, veiny body loosely wields the strength of hundreds of men, managed not to kill anyone, a true miracle. The horse, unfortunately, suffered a chipped hoof and was blown up on site.

OK, that’s not true either, but if you’re really interested in the benign details of the rescue of this terrible sightless beast, please visit the Bay News 9 article.

Special thanks to BRASKY correspondent Jacqui Clark for bringing us the story.


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