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Was Com Truise’s Latest Album Risky Business?

Com Truise will grace Tampa with his presence soon, bringing with him a distinctive sound of familiar fused with futuristic. While he often (and somewhat mistakenly) gets shoved into a category of 80s nostalgia, there’s much more to his all-synthetic sound. His first release on Ghostly International, Galactic Melt, cemented Com Truise among the ranks […]

Passion Pit to Play FL, No Promises to Return

Listening to Gossamer, Passion Pit’s latest album, makes me dizzy. It’s a good kind of dizzy. It makes my head spin to go from peppy synth and sci-fi-esque bells and whistles to an unflinchingly earnest kind of despair. The whole experience is overwhelming, and I have the feeling that’s exactly what frontman Michael Angelakos was […]

Man Man Brings the Kooky to the Crowbar

Once upon a time I was drunk at a Yogurtology. I must have added nearly every topping to my bowl of froyo and ended up with a sticky mess of all of the things. It was disgusting. While I like them individually (marshmallows, pecans, berries, pretzel bits, etc,) mixing them all together was a gross […]

Two Door Cinema Club is Back (as Headliners) – New Tunes?

I’ll admit it – the first time I heard Two Door Cinema Club, I instantly forgot about it after the barely three minutes of indie pop fun were over. The next time I heard them was thirty minutes later. Then again thirty minutes after that. This was in 2009 and I (embarrassingly) worked under the […]

Where To Be And What To Buy On Record Store Day

I want to tell you how exhilarating it is to proudly tote your newest vinyl find home and spend the better part of two hours pouring over the liner notes. I want to tell you with certainty that your favorite band will sound better on vinyl. But, this could be a lie. I sacrificed my […]