Disco/Funk/Electro: Tomorrow’s Playlist Bank

When we started Synthetic Streams, the lofty vision was that we’d stream our audio and video playlists online in addition to playing them at venues. This is what inspired the arguably-lame title, “Synthetic Streams”. For a variety of logistical reasons, this never happened, but my eagerness to share the music has persisted. In that spirit […] Streams Presents: Disco Funk Bunker

Synthetic Streams Presents: Disco Funk Bunker

Synthetic Streams presents: Disco Funk Bunker* This Thursday, June 13th, at 10pm at Mermaid Tavern – no cover. Facebook event page A disco-inspired night of funky, danceable music – all tunes from recent years (that’s what Synthetic Streams is about!). Styles include all flavors of the disco revival “movement” – neo/nu-disco, french house music, funk-sampling […]

Something Looms

WARNING: Dangerous Ponies Stampeding Through Florida

Friendly friends Dangerous Ponies will be here at NWB on Tuesday.  We like this group enough that we helped along the booking; come see why! (hint: lively, fun shows).   They will also be at Total Bummer 4EVER this summer.

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