Antiwarpt Music Festival Reloads: 99 Bands, 1 Day

Antiwarpt Music Festival was founded by five local music enthusiasts who wanted a place to showcase the area’s immense pool of talent that spanned a wide range of genres and tastes. What has become Tampa Bay’s biggest music festival (earning several “Best of the Bay” nods from Creative Loafing) is back, poised to to raise the bar after 2 years of successful St. Pete take-overs. This year it’s going down on Saturday, July 28th, with 10 venues participating.

This year’s lineup showcases an exhaustive list of some of Florida’s best and brightest musicians, not to mention the Mountain Goats, who many would argue are worth the $25 Advance Ticket price on their own. Here are some quick notes on the band list:

  • Florida indie rock staples are well represented – Sleepy Vikings, Sunbears!, Auto!Automatic!!, The Dewars and Set and Setting are likely to be popular sets.
  • Veteran scenesters/locals can appreciate Tampa roots with Car Bomb Driver and Geri-X on the roster.
  • New schoolers and youngsters can spy on some of up-and-comers from around the state including Michael Parallax (and his rabid apostles), Day Joy, and the entire Relief in Abstract roster.

Without being familiar with many of the bands, admittedly, I would like to endorse some bands to check out if you get the chance:

  • Jane Jane Pollock
  • Saskatchewan
  • Levek
  • Michael Parallax
  • XXYYXX, Fortune Howl, Grant (of Relief in Abstract)
  • Thee Wilt Chamberlin
  • Day Joy
  • Navigateur
  • Soft Rock Renegades
  • Marble

The festivities kick-off with a free party the night before (Friday, July 27th) at the new stage at the Morean Arts Center – 6pm. Visit for details.


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