An Interview with Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a model and fashionista from New York. In a recent interview she shares information about fashion trends and inspirations. The Brasky Society approves.Brasky Sweethearts do love unicorns, after all.What music artists do you currently overplay?Lady Gaga is always on my play list because I’m a huge fan.What is the last book you read?Masquerade by Kit Williams. It’s a beautifully illustrated vintage children’s book.Who are your favorite fashion designers and why?Anything whimsical & girly! Betsey Johnson, Luella Bartley, Erin Fetherston, The Blonds, Manoush.

What fashion trends have you loved the most and why?I’m really into bright & unusual lipstick shades right now. I feel like lipstick has been out of fashion for so long, it just feels so fresh & glamorous!What inspires you?Fairy tales, glitter, unicorns.


the best thing since sliced sex.

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