Antiwarpt Music Festival Reloads: 99 Bands, 1 Day

Antiwarpt Music Festival was founded by five local music enthusiasts who wanted a place to showcase the area’s immense pool of talent that spanned a wide range of genres and tastes. What has become Tampa Bay’s biggest music festival (earning several “Best of the Bay” nods from Creative Loafing) is back, poised to to raise […]

haha i’m sorry (The Arrival of Kitty Pryde)

In last week’s article I got carried away with some dismissive acknowledgement of Kitty Pryde’s growing popularity. In reality, I like her EP. Part of me wants to tell you “how could I possibly identify with a teenage girl’s giggly lyrics about her boyfriend (and/or whatever)?”. Not sarcastic–really, how could I? But that would accidentally […]

Rap on This: GRANT Serves Up Beat Tape Vol. 1

Update: Should be noted that GRANT calls for rappers (to use his beats) on his Bandcamp (hence K-Pryde intro) Prologue So you think you can rap? You probably can if success is measured by people’s curiosity. Few would have guessed Kitty Pryde could rap (jury’s still out) before the high schooling white chick did her […]

Pop Glow Shines on ‘Summer Singles’

Does it feel like summer yet? Real question (I don’t go outside). Assuming yes, I think it’s safe to enjoy Pop Glow’s new 5-track EP, “Summer Singles“ Warm? Yes. Bright? Yes. Summery? Very. (Ironically enough, the members of Pop Glow live in Winter Haven) Jump in with “Sunrise” as it bumps along with trappy hat […]