Cats in the Basement to release Glow-in-the-Dark Vinyl

CATS would like you to have more fun Cats in the Basement is “a musical performance project” by Sarasota’s Greg Ferris joined by a cast of “library-turned-dancehall” friends and musicians. To help stir up some fanfare for their upcoming EP-mercilessly entitled “DOO BEE DOO LA DEE DAY DUM BE DUM DRINK YOUR BLOOD“-they are pressing […]

Skrillex @ The Ritz, Reviewed (Why I Hate or Love Skrillex)

The following editorial is: 1) A review of Skrillex’s “The Mothership Tour” show at the Ritz last Friday or 2) The rudiments of a manifesto on dubstep sociology. When I found out I had a list spot at Skrillex’s show, I was surprised by how intrigued I became with the show. The Brasky forums know […]

Debut: Sugar Nights’ “Untitled” Video + Interview

Some call it “dark rave”, others prefer (yes-it-still-requires-quotations) “witch house”. We’re calling it a pretty awesome debut video from an upstart duo out of Miami. Sugar nights is Khadija Bhuiyan and Michael Donaldson. The high-school friends, having high musical compatibility and an affinity for a variety of instruments, decided to form an eclectic electronic group […]

Universus Vol III: A Post Dubstep Affair?

Circuitree Records is back with the part 3 of 4 in their Universus compilation series. Universus Vol III takes the campaign in a new direction, with more artists-13-and a greater variety of styles. The prevailing theme? You guessed it: The description-less “post-dubstep” (Remember when I sheepishly described Mount Kimbie as post-dubstep? Hint: there is no […]