Meet: Spies on Bikes

Let’s be honest: music geeks like to parade the most exclusive, unknown music they can find, a process that often means friends of said geek must endure mediocre tunes. I’m probably as guilty as anyone. Truth is, even the indiest of indie music comes into our awareness through the marketing efforts of small labels, so […]

Victor Florence Drops New EP

Just when I thought I had my sexual orientation figured out, resident musician and general misanthropy enthusiast Victor Florence has to go and ruin it all with his lovely voice and flowing melodies. Born in the eighties, or nineties, or something, Victor is actually 48 years old by heart. When not typing on type writers, […]

Brasky Presents: Florida Indoors, Vol 1: Bedroom Beats is proud to present Bedroom Beats, the first installment of Florida Indoors, a free compilation series setting out to showcase creative electronic music around Florida. Our inaugural mix proudly serves up 19 tracks from artists living in or originating from Florida. Some of these tracks are being released for the first time. Headlining the […]