Chill Crosby II: Rave to the Grave by TFPP

Introducing TFPP, immediate front-runners for 2011′s Album Name of the Year. Their new EP, Chill Crosby II: Rave to the Grave (released on Circuitree), is a 6-track collage of vocal-centric electronic grooves and dance hall miscellany. In their R&B moments they call to mind another famous electronic duo, the Junior Boys. Other tracks roll out […]

Conversation with an artist: Daedelus

“BAGS AREN’T ALLOWED IN THE VENUE” a voice said behind me. Turning around, I caught a glimpse of the bouncer that evening making conversation with me – a walking pair of triceps, littered with poorly scribbled tattoos and adorned with a gray sleeveless shirt. The night was already off to a great start.The bag contained […]

Glitch Mob Headlines Big Lineup

You know that one show from last year that you hear your friends constantly recalling? The one you missed because you were trying to finish season 2 of (whatever)? Or maybe you missed it because wasn’t around to shout at you (“DUDE, GO. CHICKS.”). Well, as you probably guessed, I’m purporting next Wednesday’s lineup […]