Universus Vol 1 features Caural, Take

Miami’s Circuitree Records has announced the first of 4 compilations to be released this year. Universus Vol. 1 features tracks from beat scene pioneer Caural and LA’s veteran beatmaker Take. Future releases in the Universus series will include former Warp artists Luke Vibert (Wagon Christ) and Jimmy Edgar, among other prolific producers – whoa! Universus […]

Amon Tobin, 15 Years Later

Guest author and friend-of-the-blog Dylan Boynton invites you to familiarize yourself with the music of Amon Tobin, weighing in on how Tobin?s newest album fits into his anthology. Before Ableton Live there were guys like Amon Tobin, mastering clunkier tools to produce music for smaller audiences. For those unfamiliar with his name, Amon (formerly ?Cujo?) […]

Junip, Crowbar, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.

When Jack Spatafora?s latest monthly music compilation, 2critpicks was half Junip, we knew something was up. Either the world was ending, or they were playing here this week. I?ve been patiently waiting for this zombie apocalypse thing to happen, yet nada. Nothing. Not even a mild Rabies outbreak. Maybe some of us can dress up like […]

Tampa Beer Lovers: Hark!

Brasky.org received this urgent message from local beer heroes Southern Brewing and Winemaking this evening: The Tampa City Council will be voting on our zoning requests for the new store location, (4500 N. Nebraska Ave.), this Thursday, June 9 at 6:00 in the City Council Chambers, located on the 3rd floor of City Hall, 306 […]

Matt & Kim and the Thermals: Pop Energy Meets Indie Cred

class=”subheading”>Tampa’s Imperial Theater @ Czar is hosting an essential show this Tuesday, presented by Aestheticized Presents. Tickets are $20 [check availability]. Matt & Kim In a city where every coffee shop barista and/or free lancing twenty-something has started a psych/dream/pop “band”, Matt & Kim have been fixtures in the Brooklyn scene for years, winning over […]