New Music: Diamond Man – Travels

It’s a good time to live in the Tampa Bay area, but it hasn’t always been that way. Spending the better part of my adolescence here, I felt discouraged when I heard others regularly romanticize their eventual migration to more alluring cities. But, eventually, I came to feel the same. Slummy Ybor marauding, sink-or-swimming in […]

New Music: Dark Sea of Awareness

Introducing Dark Sea of Awareness, a.k.a., the musical project of Orlando artist Steven Head. Brasky first became aware of Steven’s music last month when he opened up for Diamond Man’s CD release show in Tampa, offering a modest solo performance that roused us from a beerbar daydream (and as we would learn later, roused the […]

FL Music Spotlight: Nick Pittsinger: Interview + Tracks

Nick Pittsinger is a twenty-year-old electronic music artist who resides in the Tampa Bay area. According to his Facebook profile, he’s from Sweden, but he’s told us otherwise, “I’m actually not from Sweden! I’m just mostly Swedish by blood, so… It’s my motherland that I hope to go back to someday I guess you could […]