Styling: Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap is an angelic singer from Britain. Brasky Sweethearts have taken to her style, especially with her juxtaposition of nature and instruments on her sets.Imogen Heap Track:Hide & SeekFrou Frou Track:Let Go

Holland Elf Fantasy Fair

“Since 2001 every year in April a growing number of people from all over Europe (23,500 in 2008) to the largest fantasy event in Europe organized the Elf Fantasy Fair. This event takes place around Castle Haarzuilens. Two thirds of these visitors have transformed themselves to Orc, magician, dragon, knight, vampire, elf, unicorn, gothic lolita, […]

Emilie Autumn: Intriguing Style, Mediocre Music

Emilie Autumn is an anarchist-violinist, vocalist, poet, and sexy redhead whose style leaves me speechless. She makes the incorporation of Dark Cabaret, Victorian, Steampunk, and Goth-Punk fashion seem effortless, without the appearance of going over the top.Brasky Sweethearts highly approve of her style and hope more women juxtapose fashion aesthetics. However… we were disappointed to […]

Machine Drum Returns to Miami

Attention 305: Thursday, May 20th, Machine Drum returns to Miami to headline (((Shake))) / Get Low at the Vagabond. Shake is a weekly event at the Vagabond that showcases hip hop music. Once each month Shake takes on the moniker “Get Low” as part of a showcase of bass music. Hip hop and bass are […]

Review: New Glitch Mob

59/100 Drink the Sea may help west coast darling’s Glitch Mob gain some new mass appeal, adding to their arsenal some new sounds that call to mind Ratatat and other peppy varieties of instrumental music (notice how we didn’t say “electronic” – lots of instrumental sampling & padding on this album). Some tracks venture into […]