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Dog Humps Homeless Guy

Filthy bum gets humped by best friend in public. Cameras roll. Last week I was talking to my boss in our office in downtown Miami office when suddenly something caught his eye – “…wait–is that really happening?” I follow his gaze out the window to spot a man getting vigorously humped by a large black […]

Tycho a.k.a. ISO50: Featured Music, Style & Art

Scott Hansen is a California-based musician (Tycho) and artist (ISO50) who collaborates on the blog with: Jakub Alexander, who runs the Moongadget record label; Alex Cornell, who is a student at The Academy of Art in San Fransisco; Sam Valenti IV, the founder of Ghostly Records International; and Beamer Wilkins, who runs a software […]

Meme Juice 2 – Obama and Skub

55 Photographs of Alice in Wonderland Inspired Costumes & Fashion Shoots

Spam Folder Gold

Undesirable aspects of email tend to come and go as the very utility of the email provider changes… we now have a fully capable modicum of chat, a social networking avenue, the ability to edit ‘social bookmarks’, fastidiously targeted ads, efficient translation capability, the ability to archive limitless amounts of attachments… all of these assist […]