Nickelback’s Pickle

Anna Sui’s “Urban Hippie” Fall 2010 Collection

Annui Sui is an American fashion designer whose Fall 2010 collection was recently showcased during New York Fashion Week.She described this collection as highlighting a “witty layering of vintage prints shot with shimmering metallic thread; deco tulips, cubist flowers, woodblock peonies, chrysanthemum paisleys, floral fireworks … often in my signature combo collages.”

The Legend of Thom the Hamster (Pt. 1)

So the time was Fall 2006, when Aaron, myself, and that Colombian pal of ours (we’ll call him “Pablito”) were getting into DXM* (please see footnote) for psychedelic experiences. You can get a bit wacky on that stuff, and Aaron seemed particularly susceptible in that regard. One night, about an hour after taking it, Pablito […]

Bowerbirds – Northern Lights Video

Pythons Set to Laboriously Consume Florida by 2020

THIS JUST IN: FLORIDA NOW 35% COVERED IN WRITHING, ANGRY SNAKESPet pythons placed in peri-urban waterways have found their way to the Everglades, and are thus slowly winding their way around Mother Nature’s pale, exposed throat, settling in for a joyless, reptilian kill. Many thought it a hoax when five years ago, a difficult to […]