The Strange Fate of Abraham Shakespeare

Most lottery winners say something to the effect of “…the money won’t change me,” or “I’m still on a budget”. But what most lottery winners don’t anticipate is that though they may not change themselves, others may change them. And if there were no others to begin with, there will be soon enough. Abraham Shakespeare […]

Great Scot!

Good beer, bagpipes, and large men in kilts. That’s what was expected, anyway, of the 2010 Central Florida Scottish Highland Games. Upon admission, the sight that presented itself was that of a common fairground: food, beverage, and novelty vendors strewn about a large field, wrapping around the various event areas.           […]

5 Excellent Beers You Can Get at Publix

“WHERE SHOPPING CAN PROBABLY GET YOU LAID”For those not familiar with the company, Publix is easily the finest grocery store in the Southeast. Publix has locations in five states, most of which are in Florida (over 700 locations), and also most of which are teeming with crowds of attractive 18-40 year old women. I can […]

LSD No-Hitter

An Interview with Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a model and fashionista from New York. In a recent interview she shares information about fashion trends and inspirations. The Brasky Society approves.Brasky Sweethearts do love unicorns, after all.What music artists do you currently overplay?Lady Gaga is always on my play list because I’m a huge fan.What is the last book you […]