[TRAP] SNAXX: The (Re?)Emergence of Trap Music ︻╦╤─

You’re wondering, “trap snaxx“? Traps for catching snacks. “Oh god is there is an overpopulation of snacks?” Yes. But that’s not the kind of snack traps I’m here to discuss.

Trap is an adjective here, one that describes a style of bass music one would generally relate to something “crunk”. Or “trill”. Though, trap scientists would be quick to correct the misappropriation of these separate and distinct genres (spiritual movements). With no qualifications or reputable sources I’m going to tell you what Trap music is:


While that description is wholly correct, “trap” can also be vigorously described as:

Trap music is a branch of hip hop typified by low, undistorted bass, fast/rushing hi hats, ︻╦╤─, cavernous pauses filled by rap samples, minimal synth work, and especially distinguished by the use of bass tones as both melody components and bass kicks (dropping sporadically on the bar).

It’s all about the bass, really. While the term “trap” has been around since early 2000s (ok, googled that), the tumblr/soundcloud-powered reemergence has redefined the style with less emphasis on rapping and more emphasis on sampling, anonymity, caps lock, spookiness, unicode graffiti, and a pervasive mixture of WHIMSY and ironic thuggery.

This seems cool (credit: B.A.M. x Bluddmnd)

Snaxx is the name of a weekly showcase of trap-influenced music run by St. Pete’s CJ Milli at Fubar, world headquarters for bass music and neck tats. Snaxx will be warming up the amps at Fubar every Thursday, so kindly stagger your visits to account for Synthetic Streams (where I promise to keep sneaking in more bass music if we don’t short out the system again).

Lost? Use your internet browser and type in AOL keyword “trap snacks” to download Fubar from the world wide web!



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